Online Photo Editor & Collage Maker. written by: Addrane You want to get a little creative with your photographs and you want to present them in aesthetically attractive patterns, then a collage maker or a photo editor is a software you should put into consideration.

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What is a Photo Collage Maker?

An online photo collage maker is a program that makes collages of your photos so that you can display them in a beautiful, colorful and creative way. A collage is a collection of photos put together on a background (can either be a digital background or even a piece of paper) in a creative manner. 
Online, there are many free collage makers to choose from. They are also pretty straightforward to use. You basically upload your photographs onto the program, then customize your collages how you want them using the online photo collage maker and voila, you get your collage. You can then save or share the collages with friends.

What is a Photo Editor?

Photo editing is the process of modifying a photograph into a design that suits you. A photo editor is a particularly useful software in photo editing. It provides you with a mode of altering pictures into creative works of art. Photo editor software are rather expensive to purchase, however there are various online sites that offer the editing services free. These online photo editors work more or less similar to the online photo collage makers. If you have a damaged photograph, with a photo editor, it is possible to salvage it and turn it into beautiful photograph through a series of just a few steps and clicks.

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To find a good online photo editor or photo collage maker it is highly advisable to put into consideration a few criteria such as: editing tools and options, organizing tools, ability to share to social networks, the photo formats it supports (JPEG, PNG and the like), and its output potentiality.

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